About PH Global Distribution
PH Global Distribution began distributing phone directories more than fifteen years ago in Victoria, Australia.  Soon after, the company quickly expanded into a national operation, opening offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

PH Global continued to introduce new methods of operation and became one of the market leaders in directory distribution in Australia, having successfully distributed more than 50 million directories to households and businesses.

As its origins were from a family based company, we pride ourselves on giving personalised service to our clients.Our vibrant team of staff ensure that all our customers needs are met by only using highly trained contractors to deliver your publication and focussing on data management and innovative technology to ensure high service levels are met.

PH Global has strong relationships with several large corporations in Australia,
Government Councils and smaller company’s.

During 2007, PH Global Distribution has expanded its distribution network from just delivering phone directories to delivering all types of advertising material, including pamphlets, catalogues, newsletters, brochures and magazines. Included in this expansion phase is the company seeking international directory distribution opportunites to expand its global presence.

Our Mission
Our mission is to be the first choice for distribution of advertising material  in Australia through delivering high quality services to our clients.

PH Global “stands out in the industry ” because we constantly maintain a focus on high penetration rates for business areas. This ensures the highest possible chance of every business receiving and reading a copy of their publication and making sure your clients are satisfied.

Our Vision
Entering into a new phase, PH Global is seeking international opportunities in its pursuit of becoming a global distribution company. 

Our vision is to improve distribution marketing solutions to satisfy our clients.

If reliability, availability and quality of distribution is what you are looking for, then don’t hesitate to contact us for an enquiry or a quotation.